Sat or Wed 10:00 –14:00
Lonyay utca 24, Budapest
from 6000 HUF

Rhythm and movement in art.

Practical part: live modelling classes, dynamic composition, rhythm of color.
Meeting new friends and artists.

Rhythm and the movement in Art

Next course we will dedicate to the rhythm and the movement in Art. We will observe how the principles work for composition. We will have a live modelling classes with a contemporary dancers and investigate the rhythm of color.

The course consists of 4 sessions, 4 hours each long.

About the studio

Kunstfuck is a multi-educational space with art classes, lectures and painting workshops. The studio has enough room for 10 students, it is full of light and has

2 splendid balconies in the center of Budapest. The name of the residency — Kunstfuck — shows our post-modernistic attitude to the art and refers to a famous University of Arts in Stockholm — Konstfack (Konst — art, fack — faculty, Swedish).

About a curator

My name is Oksana Devochkina and I am an artist. I graduated from the art faculty of the St. Petersburg State University with distinction. I have been painting from 2002 though I identified myself as an artist since 2015. I paint for money, I paint for fun, I paint to run from myself and I paint to find myself. And I invite you to join me.

I speak English, Russian and German and I guide my students to sketching, painting and composition secrets. Portfolio on

With Oksana's guidence, I am excited to explore various painting techniques and themes with my own personal interpretation. Oksana encourages me to express my unique view on the subject matter, to challenge my inhibitions, to push boundaries and to pursue creativity.

Apart of that, Oksana's classes are loads of fun, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable.
Alka Barratt, expat in Budapest
Oksana minden résztvevőre külön odafigyelt, és az alapvető technikai alapok (kompozíció, olajfesték tulajdonságai, ecsettípusok, higítók alkalmazása) átadása mellett testreszabott tanácsokkal, stílusban hasonló híres festők alkotásainak bemutatásával segítette munkákat.
Szilágyi Lilla, student
As a young artist who just graduated from Austrian Fine
Art Academy I am very interested to learn new knowledge in a new environment.

Oksana’s place in the centre of Budapest is the real artistic heaven, it has such a charm which I only saw in the movies before, all the furniture, and all the paintings are just there to set the mind for creative work.
Karina Eybatova, artist
Határozott véleményem, hogy munkássága festő és művészeti oktatóként egyedülálló és kiemelkedő, magas hozzáadott értéke végett a magyar kúltúrális élethez és annak sokszinűségéhez személze szükségszerű, mind szakmai területen és intellektuális értékként jelenléte erősen ajánlott.
Anna Zabojeva, designer
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Graduates of previous courses

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