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a painting course
Fridays and Sundays
About the painting course
The course consists of 4 sessions 4 hours each long.

Still life. From Morandi to the contemporaries.

February course we are dedicating to an Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. He concentrated almost exclusively on still lifes with great sensitivity to tone, color, and compositional balance. The art historian Roberto Longhi, who researched Caravaggio and Piero della Francesca, suggested Morandi to be one of the main contemporary artists.

We'll make a copy of an Italian painter, learn how to work with the subtle pallet and use it for our still life inspired by local ceramist Ksenia Wallenstein.
February Schedule
Giorgio Morandi
Giorgio Morandi
Giorgio Morandi
Day 1
Fri, 7 Feb
Sun, 9 Feb

How to create a copy of Morandi's painting

We'll get introduced to the heritage of Georgio Morandi and artists Giotto and Cezanne, who inspired him. We will analyse the composition of the italian painter and make our own sketches. We'll start our first painting — a copy of an art-piece of Morandi on your choice.
Day 2
Fri, 14 Feb
Sun, 16 Feb

How to work with subtle colors

I'll show you how to mix colors, how to experiment with a subtle pallet. We'll make more sketches of local ceramics and start our own, 2d painting.

Ksenia Wallenstein
Ksenia Wallenstein
Ksenia Wallenstein
Day 3
Fri, 21 Feb
Sun, 23 Feb

How to achieve a matt surface and mural effect

We'll work on our 2d painting. I will introduce you the new mixed media technique and contemporary painting method, which helps to get a matt subtle mural effect.

Day 4
Fri, 28 Feb
Sun, 1 March

How to retouch the painting, finish it and storу

We'll finish our own still lifes inspired by the local ceramists. I will show you how to finish the work and store it properly.
The early-bird price 25000 HUF is available till the 1st of February 2020. The normal price is 30000 HUF.

24 January – 2 February every botanical painting workshop can be purchased separately for 7500 HUF. Find the timetable below.
by the appointment +36 20 213 91 76


Make sure to be in charge of additional PayPal fees, or use 'Sending to a friend' option at no cost. We require the full amount to enrol you to a course.

Bank transfer
Devochkina Oksana
account type K&H retail

The list of materials
Shop addresses

  1. Nagymező utca 43
  2. Béla Bartók utca 61
  3. Űlloi ut 32
  4. 'Tiger' on Vaci utca

  1. Acrylic paints (not aquarelle or watercolours) / or tempera paints / or gouache paints / or oil paints. Kit is ok for the 1st time
  2. Extra white paint tube (in case of tempera — tempera white, in case of acrylics — white acrylic paint, in case oil kit — extra white titanium tube)
  3. 2-3 rough bristle brushes with a long stick (12-16 size)
  4. 2 canvases minimum 40*50cm
  5. color pencils + 1 graphite pencil
  6. a sketchbook a5
  7. an eraser
  8. a 100% cotton rag
  9. an apron is recommended
  10. in case oil — turpentine or matt lakk
More detailed here.

Materials are not included into the course price, though we can shop everything for extra 15 000, or you can go to the one of the listed stores. The early-bird price of the course with the materials will be 40 000, normal price with the materials included — 45 000.
January Schedule
January topic: the Botanical course

During our painting course we will paint plants without using a green color, experiment with a mixed media technique and a modeling paste, explore contemporary artists who work with plants and enjoy the bouquets of Iva Florals, a local floral artist.

Taryn Simon
Taryn Simon
Iva Florals, Budapest
24 Jan, Fri
26 Jan, Sun


7500 HUF
Mixed media technique with modelling paste.

I will introduce you to the contemporary painters Anselm Kiefer and Oksana Devochkina, who used nature, soil and herbarium in their paintings. We will experiment with the new mixed media technique: modelling paste, stencil tricks, panting with layers.
Anselm Kiefer
Anselm Kiefer
Oksana Devochkina
31 Jan, Fri
2 Feb, Sun


7500 HUF
Contemporary painters and modern painting methods of flora

We'll learn about our contemporaries, who also work with the Botanical topic. We'll try to analyse what gives a contemporary feeling and experiment on our own piece.
Anselm Kiefer
Luc Tuymans
Marlene Dumas
About a curator
My name is Oksana Devochkina and I am an artist. I graduated from the art faculty of the St. Petersburg State University with distinction. I have been painting from 2002 though I identified myself as an artist since 2015. I paint for money, I paint for fun, I paint to run from myself and I paint to find myself. And I invite you to join me. I speak English, Russian and German.

Portfolio on
Our space
Kunstfuck studio has enough room for ~6 students. Sometimes we work out of the studio exploring new workshops and hidden Budapest studios. The name of the residency — Kunstfuck — shows our post-modernistic attitude to the art and refers to a famous University of Arts in Stockholm — Konstfack (Konst — art, fack — faculty, Swedish).

iMessage / Viber
+ 36 20 213 91 76

Lonyai utca 24, Budapest

Graduates of previous courses
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All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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