Saturdays, 10:00-14:00

Movement in Art
October and November we will dedicate to the rhythm and the movement in art. We will observe how the principles work for composition.
We will have a live modelling classes with contemporary dancers, we will investigate how to move the lines onto the sketches and how to work with the rhythm of a color.

The course consists of 4 sessions, 4 h long.
You can attend a single class as well. All level students are welcome.
Evgeniya Vesnina-Itkina, photographer / Eva Mora González, model
Evgeniya Vesnina-Itkina, photographer / Eva Mora González, model
Evgeniya Vesnina-Itkina, photographer / Adrian Fekete, artist / Eva Mora González, model
31 October 10:00–14:00

Live-modelling session with Andrés Martínez — a professional dancer/choreographer, originally from Costa Rica who danced in the UK, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Prague and won an award for Best Choreography in Costa Rica. The process will be documented by KatrinArt and we'll have a beautiful memory from the class after!
Andrés Martínez
Paul Husner
Ayumi Toyabe
7 November 10:00–14:00

Figurative painting. We will get introduced to the modernistic painters from Matisse to Diebernkorn who have painted figures. I will instruct how to start painting. We will use our sketches for our coming masterpiece.
14 November 10:00–14:00

Live-modelling session with Ayumi Toyabe — a Japanese contemporary dancer and a ballet teacher. We'll make the sketches in Movement for our future paintings.
Kees Van Dongen
Henri Matisse
Milton Avery
21 November 10:00–14:00

Figurative painting. We will use our third session sketches for our second masterpiece, we will learn about the rhythm in composition and why the line movement is important onto the painting!
October course
24 Oct, Sat, 10:00–14:00
Finalising and retouching our paintings and introduction to the storage rools. Analysing the results of the works by learning how to speak about the composition, color rhythm and line movements.

17 Oct, Sat, 10:00–14:00
Getting introduced to the trembling lines on the paintings of Georgio Morandi. We will sketch our new still life made of hand-made ceramics by local designers Criminal Craft, emphasizing the curves of the shapes and the life movement of the material. Introduction to the painting techniques to achieve its calm or dynamic feeling. You can work with tempera, acrylics or oil — I will guide you concerning your skills and experience.

Kees Van Dongen
Edgar Degas
10 Oct, Sat, 10:00–14:00
On the 10th of Oct we will have a live modelling class with Kemelo. A contemporary dancer from South Africa will pose for our painting course dedicated to Movement and Rhythm. I will show you how to bring the logic to the curves and lines and how to work with the rhythm of a color.

3 Oct, Sat, 10:00–14:00
Live drawing class with a contemporary dancer Eva Mora González from Spain. We will watch the examples of moving bodies by Edgar Degas, Henri Mattisse, Maria Lassnig and other great painters. The German artist Adrian Fekete will present his fast drying painting technique in gouache. The process will be documented by the photographer Evgeniya Vesnina-Itkina, and the participants will get the access to the material after.
Evgeniya Vesnina-Itkina, photographer
Adrian Fekete
Eva Mora González, live model
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