Shop addresses

  1. Nagymező utca 43
  2. Béla Bartók utca 61
  3. Űlloi ut 32
  4. 'Tiger' on Vaci utca

  1. Acrylic paints (not aquarelle or watercolours) / or tempera paints / or gouache paints / or oil paints. Kit is ok for the 1st time
  2. Extra white paint tube (in case of tempera — tempera white, in case of acrylics — white acrylic paint, in case oil kit — extra white titanium tube)
  3. 2-3 rough bristle brushes with a long stick (10-16 size)
  4. 2 canvases ~40*50cm
  5. color pencils + 1 graphite pencil
  6. a sketchbook a5
  7. an eraser
  8. a 100% cotton rag
  9. an apron is recommended
  10. in case oil — turpentine
More detailed here.

Materials are not included into the course price, though we can shop everything for extra 15 000, or you can go to the one of the listed stores. The early-bird price of the course with the materials will be 40 000, normal price with the materials included — 45 000.
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