Any period of 2020-2021

About the internship

We are looking for an intern and an assistant at Kunstfuck Art Residency — a multi-educational space. We create art projects, curate the exhibitions, collaborate with creatives of different art fields and build the community of passionate art oriented professionals and non-professionals in Budapest, Hungary.

There are two options:

Option 1: for the Hungarian University graduates or students
If you are graduating from the Hungarian university (the department of art/design/media, the journalistic department, the PR or marketing departments), we can close your credits if you need to show up that you have worked and practioned somewhere. We will be happy to collaborate with Hungarian speaking as well as English speaking graduates. There are plenty of interesting tasks for your creative growth as an artist, designer, cinematographer, journalist, PR and marketing specialist.

In case you are interested, be back to me via email with a short introduction and CV

Option 2: for the EU University graduates with Erasmus+ scholarship up to EUR 5000
If you are graduating from the university in the EU out of Hungary, ask at the University or in the local Erasmus+ office about a traineeship program abroad. We can be your receiving institution for the Erasmus+ mobility program. The EU pays the scholarship for the traineeship. According to the latest intern, the scholarship amount depends on the period and the sending party and extends to ~5000 EUR per year. We can sign the learning agreement for the traineeship.
We are inviting you to assist us in creating art projects, arranging the props and the space for the art lessons, making the presentations of the theoretical part of the art classes at Kunstfuck, assisting in shootings or cutting the video material, disseminating the residency's projects via social medias, communication with the TA, etc according to your skills.

I as a curator share my experience, expertise and knowledge as the artist and as the art institution founder and get help from you as an intern. You deal with the most interesting and independent creative projects, get a CV mark and the EU support for that. In case you have more info from your sending part, be back to me via email with your introduction and CV:

Send us CV
and your introduction on:
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