art school for refugee kids

Вівторок 17:00-18:00

Nagymező u.15, Polish Institute

12-15 років / декоративно-ужиткова творчість // вівторки 17:00 -18:00 /

Реєстрація (ім'я-вік) по Вайберу: Галина +36 20 566 9087

Суботи 10:00-11:00

Barczy Istvan utca 1-3, UNHCR

7-11 років / малюнок / живопис

Реєстрація (ім'я-вік) по вайберу Наташі +380 (96) 855 50 63

Неділя 10:00-12:00

Ludwig Múzeum, бібліотека

Будапешт, Komor Marcell u. 1, 1095,

12-15 років / сучасне мистецтво

Реєстрація (ім'я-вік) по Вайберу: Оксана +36 20 213 9176

Біженцям безкоштовно, місцевим за донешн
Please, support the school

We need your help to provide art classes for free to refugee's kids in Budapest.

We need:

  • materials for art classes (watercolor paper blocks and coated paper 200g, old magazines, watercolours, crayons, pastels, scissors, glue, plastic sheets to cover the tables, masking tape, etc). You can donate the materials, vouchers or money.
  • financial support to teachers, who are running the classes. We pay the teachers, who found themself in Hungary because of war.

or Bank transfer

Devochkina Oksana


account type K&H retail

or Revolut


What I have done already

Since March 2022 I've organized more than 30 Sunday art workshops in Budapest for Ukrainian kids. The space for classes was kindly provided by Aniko Fejes — one of the Kunstfuck graduates; she hosted our free art classes for over 3 months in her
UNKA space.

Since March 2022 I've supported 4 art teachers, who fled from the war or were stuck in Budapest for an indefinite time: Anastasiya Marutina, Antonina Lata, Natalia Pustovoit, and Galina Devochkina. The donated money covered their salaries, materials, and snacks.

I've participated in creating a summer camp for refugee kids at Piarista Gymnasium in Budapest. We with the team of my teachers, run daily art classes and used donated materials.

We've created of a community of kids, their parents and teachers to support each other, continue life working and develop kids. With these classes, we try to create an untraumatized warm atmosphere and have fun with an art process.

Many thanks to our donators: Ksenia S., Karina E., Alexey D., Lyudmila C.,
H-Art foundation

Kunstfuck Art Residency Founder
I am Oksana Devochkina, and I have been volunteering since March 2022 — teaching art, helping in network of Ukrainian parents and organisation of the initiative school.
Natalia is an artist from Kharkiv. She is a remarkable watercolor artist with a great teacher's experience. She is running painting classes for the group aged 7-11 years from Ukraine.
Galina is an Applied Arts master from Taganrog. She is running Applied Arts course for the group aged 11-15 years old, and introduces kids with mixed media techniques and recycle ideas.

The results of our kids

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